Fixing 69-C00D36BE error when playing video on Xbox 360

Recently I got D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter and enabled UPnP on it so I could stream videos to my Xbox 360. I was getting the following error for some videos:

Unplayable Content

Can’t play this content because it may not be supported.

Status code: 69-C00D36BE

But it was working for other videos, and when I tried playing them from USB storage, it worked just fine. What I figured out is that videos in parent folder worked just fine and they all used the same encoding for both video and audio. I moved problematic videos so to parent folder and, guess what – they played just fine. I might investigate further why is this happening, but seems that path to the videos might’ve been to long or something.

Other error I’ve encountered is:

Uplayable Content

Can’t play this content because it contains audio or video with unsupported codec.

Status code: 80-C00DF242

Now, this is actually unsupported codecs. The videos in question were encoded with DivX 3 and 4 which are unsupported – only DivX 5 and later are supported on Xbox. I’ll see later on how to transcode them with ffmpeg and I’ll update here (should be easy).

Oh, yes, nearly forgot, when I was getting the latter error Xbox would say openning media or similar, in the case of the former it wasn’t even trying to open it.

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  1. Hello i am getting the same message from some of my videos. Most of the videos work but when it comes to some movies it gives me this error message “80-C00DF242″ I wanna know how to resolve this problem please.


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